Michael Franklin – Chairman

CIP-38 (29)Some men choose to become Republicans and some men are born that way. Michael was born a Republican. After getting the chance at 18 to vote, he has never missed the opportunity to vote Republican. Even when some candidates turned their backs on the Republican values that Michael believes in, he never lost his belief in the party of his favorite President, Ronald Reagan. A native of Wilmington and graduate of Auburn University with a degree in accounting, Michael has been Vice Chair of the NHC GOP for the past two years and active in the Lower Cape Fear Young Republicans. However, his community involvement is not limited to politics and running local and state campaigns; Michael sits on the Board of Directors of ACCESS of Wilmington (founders of the Miracle League), and is the Assistant Varsity Coach of the Hoggard High School Men’s and Women’s Varsity Swim Team. His volunteer and philanthropic activities have served as a framework for his belief that the NHCGOP cannot be just another version of itself, but that it can have a vision. A vision that realizes that the dreams of our Founding Fathers and the platform of the Republican party are crucial to the future of this county, State and Nation. A vision that believes that nothing which is morally wrong can ever be politically right and that candidates for public office must find an appropriate balance between the party’s platform and their own beliefs. A vision that acknowledges that there is time for compromise but never a time for capitulation. With commitment, youth, a passion to reinvigorate the NHCGOP, and a slate that shares the same vision, Michael invites you to join him in the future of the NHCGOP.

Pete Divoky- 1st Vice Chair

image001Pete is a native North Carolinian having been born and raised in New Bern, NC. He attended UNCW, graduating with a Communications/Marketing degree in the mid 1980’s. After living in Los Angeles and Chicago, Pete moved home to North Carolina for family reasons and in the early 1990’s he found himself back in Wilmington. Pete and his lovely wife Christine have 3 children and currently reside in the Monkey Junction area. Pete is a well respected business owner who contracts with companies across the country to provide foods and goods coast to coast. Pete promises his clients dependable, on time, and cost effective deliveries. Being a seasoned negotiator and expert in customer service, Pete will bring his years of experience in the business world to the table and increase fundraising efforts. As local politics have always interested Pete, over the years he has volunteered to work on several campaigns with his latest effort supporting Jason Vaughn’s run for Sheriff last election cycle. Being a lifelong Republican, Pete is very interested in volunteering his time and energy to assist Republican candidates in their efforts to win elections and serve the residents of New Hanover County as 1st Vice Chair.

Densay Sengsoulavong- Vice Chair

IMG_4970 2Densay’s ongoing involvement in the political process comes from being an immigrant from Laos who realizes that civic engagement isn’t afforded to everyone in the world. Reagan conservatism made a huge impact on Densay and his experiences from growing up on the west coast and eventually settling in North Carolina shaped his conservative political beliefs to what they are today. Densay wants the county party, and in turn, the county’s voters, to matter – and to that end, he strives to bring more organization, in both communications and getting out the vote, to our local process. Densay is a graduate of the University of North Carolina – Wilmington and small business owner in the Wilmington community since 2009. He currently serves on the Wilmington Regional Association of Realtors’ Professional Standards Committee and acted as a Local Political Coordinator advocating policies and legislation that promotes homeownership and the industry on behalf of WRAR.

Gabrielle Barone- Treasurer

gabbyGabrielle’s professional background includes print and broadcast journalism, special education teacher (she holds an M.Ed in Special Educaiton), small business owner, political speech writer, and political consultant. A committed fiscal social conservative Ronald Regan Republican, Gabrielle has been involved with Republican politics for over 40 years. She has held elected public office in Vermont and County and State Republican Committee offices in Vermont and North Carolina.

As Secretary for the New Hanover County GOP for the past two years, Gabrielle is looking forward to serving as Treasurer (a position she held in Vermont with the Washington County GOP) and bringing accountability, responsibility,and transparency to the position. Gabrielle is honored to be on a slate of professional and motivated young people who share the same Republican values and are committed to making the NHCGOP a unified force dedicated to defeating Democrats and electing Republicans! Gabrielle lives in Wilmington’s Historic District with her husband Stephen and son Jameson Hutchins.

Kait Baker- Secretary

FullSizeRender2As the Vice Chair of the Lower Cape Fear Young Republicans and former board member of the North Carolina Federation of Young Professional Republicans, Kait Baker’s experience and background has been strongly intertwined with Republican values and principles. She was awarded Woman of the Year by the NCFYPR and chosen as one of the delegates to the Young Republican National Federation. Kait has also served on the NHCGOP Executive committee as media and communications consultant. A partner of Strategic Red Group, a political consulting firm, Kait can also be seen cheering on her two children at their local basketball games. Kait’s ties to the community run deep (she is a member of DAR) and she is looking forward to serving as the NHCGOP Secretary on a team that will have one mission — electing Republicans and building a strong county party.