New Hanover GOP Chairman and Officers Call Out Dishonest Campaign Tactics


November 2, 2016

New Hanover GOP Chairman and Officers Call Out Dishonest Campaign Tactics

Wilmington, NC – The New Hanover County GOP Chairman and Officers issued a statement today demanding whoever is perpetrating these dishonest and repulsive campaign tactics to cease and desist immediately.

Within the past week, homemade signs with disgusting and untrue statements have been erected in front of schools and churches in an attempt to discredit a front running female GOP candidate for a seat on the New Hanover County Commission. In addition, signs paid for and erected by the Kusek campaign were stolen under the cover of darkness.

These cowardly acts have no business in politics. These are nothing more than childish individuals who don’t have the moral fortitude and intelligence to conduct a fair and honest race.

Those affixing their names to this release are Michael Franklin, Chairman, Pete Divoky, First Vice-Chairman, Densay Sengsoulavong, Vice-Chairman, Kait Baker, Secretary and Gabrielle Barone, Treasurer.